Have a Storytelling Plan

It cannot be overstated how important storytelling is to fundraising in the non-profit sector and by extension to Muslim organizations. After all, through storytelling you can show the great work your organization is doing to the Muslim community. Now, if you want to generate considerable excitement about your Masjid or Islamic School project within your locality and perhaps even beyond it, broadcasting a series of stories during a fundraising campaign is just what you need.

Some fundraising campaigns last a number of weeks, such as Ramadan campaigns. They are a good opportunity to showcase the great work your organization is doing.

So, make sure to plan ahead of time a number of stories to broadcast during your fundraising campaign.

If you’re planning a Ramadan campaign, you can consider having a story to broadcast every few days or even better each day. For campaigns held in other times of the year, you can have multiple phases and choose a story to broadcast during each phase.

A storytelling plan should include different types of stories. For example, you can have a story that narrates how a Masjid project was started, perhaps from one or more of the Masjid’s founding members. Other types of stories can be narrated from the perspective of the Masjid’s volunteers that highlight what it means to them to volunteer for their neighbourhood’s Masjid.

But, the one type of story that must be featured during a fundraising campaign is the one that shows the impact your organization has on those who benefit from it.

For example, an Islamic school could feature the story of a Muslim family with both parents having day jobs who struggle to find the time to teach their children Quran, good manners, and the dua’as they should say in the morning and evening. But, when they enrolled their children into an Islamic school, their children received more structured Islamic education without compromising their academic studies.

Here’s a good example of an impact story. It shows how the IslamInSpanish Centre transformed the life of a person and his family to the better.