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Fundraising from a crowd

Standing in front of a crowd and asking for money is by no means an easy or comfortable endeavour. However, it is a fundraising technique that has been used since the times of the prophet Muhammad SAAW and has proven to be very effective. When the fundraiser reminds the audience of the merits of donating, by quoting references from the Qur’an and Hadith, this softens peoples’ hearts, making them more willing to dig into their pockets.

Story of a fundraiser that took place during the prophet Muhammad’s (SAAW) time.

Introduction to imam Zijad Delic Interview

Taking on the Ask – Intro

Introducing Imam Zijad Delic, a very well known fundraiser in Canada, who has developed a unique specialization in raising funds from a congregation. How did imam Zijad get involved in fundraising and how did his very first fundraising event go?
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Imam Zijad Delic Interview - Part 1

Strategy to Follow – Part 1

What strategy does imam Zijad follow when raising funds from a crowd? How does he keep them engaged, tuned in, and above all interested in giving?
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Imam Zijad Delic interview part 2

Scaling the Amount of your Ask – Part 2

It is typical that fundraisers start asking for donations at a large amount and then decrease this amount gradually. But, where does one start and when does one move to the next amount? Is there any homework to be done prior to a fundraiser?
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Imam Zijad Delic interview part 3

The Critical 5-Minute Fundraiser – Part 3

As an imam or board member, it could be a very tense period right after a Jumuah prayer when you want to raise funds while people are quickly leaving the Masjid heading back to their workplaces. What strategy can you use to maximize your gains during this short period of time?
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Imam Zijad Delic Interview part 4

Mindful Fundraising – Part 4

While fundraising, does asking and asking over and over again pay off? Some people argue that people get turned off by an imam constantly asking for donations, but if people still end up giving, then isn't it worth it? The simple rule is, if you don't ask, you won't get anything. But how should you apply it?
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Imam Zijad Delic interview part 5

Not Easy, but Worth it – Part 5

It's not easy standing in front of a large crowd and 'begging' for money. People handle pressure differently. Find out how imam Zijad Delic maintains his composure and stays focused on the uneasy task of fundraising in front of a large crowd.
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