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Jumping on the Giving Tuesday Wagon

Giving Tuesday started back in 2012 with the intention to set aside a day to celebrate the generosity of giving. Every year, it falls on the Tuesday right after the U.S. Thanksgiving. Since its inception, Giving Tuesday has grown into the biggest giving movement in the world.

There is also the blessed day of Jumuah which happens every week. Moreover, every year in Ramadan, there is the most rewarding night of all, the Night of Power (laylat ul-qadr). In the month of Thul-Hijja, we have the best 10 days of the year, and within them there is the blessed day of Arafah.

All this to say that, as Muslims we are no strangers to giving seasons. So, why not add Giving Tuesday to the list of giving seasons we prepare and plan for every year?

After all, Giving Tuesday is perfectly distanced from Ramadan and close to the end of the Gregorian year, a natural time when people step up their giving. There is also usually a big hype that precedes Giving Tuesday, particularly on social media since this is the platform that it originated in. So, as an organization responsible for running a project that benefits the Muslim community, you already have most of your pre-fundraising campaign work done for you. So, why not use this free gift and jump on the Giving Tuesday wagon.

Giving Tuesday and your Masjid
There is no doubt that Giving Tuesday is a growing phenomenon. According to the Nonprofits Source, Giving Tuesday raised 38%
Giving Tuesday and your Islamic School
If you are the principal of an Islamic school, a staff member, a board member, or simply a concerned parent,