There are two aspects of a fundraising campaign that can do wonders to it: Its target date (or deadline) and its target amount. The deadline gives a sense of urgency to donors so that they don’t delay their donation too long. The target amount, on the other hand, can give a sense of achievement. You see, when (rather ‘if’) a campaign reaches a considerable milestone, for example half of its target, donors start feeling reassured that the campaign is going in the right direction. And once your campaign crosses a bigger milestone, say 80%, donors have an even bigger incentive to donate since it’s so close to the finishing line. All this to say that setting a target before a fundraising campaign, such as before Ramadan starts, is vital.

Marketing messages like ‘We only have 14% remaining to reach our target’ resonate very well with donors.

It’s worth mentioning that the target amount you set for a campaign should be based on the need of a particular project or a required payment to make. Don’t come up with a number out of the blue. Donation meter showing progress of a campaignAnd certainly don’t set the target amount based on wishful thinking. Keep in mind that if you meet your fundraising target earlier than the target date (or deadline), it’s okay to increase your target amount and continue asking for donations. But, it wouldn’t look good to reduce the target amount half way through a campaign just because you are not receiving enough donations.

Lastly, make sure your campaign’s target amount as well as the progress of your campaign are mentioned in all your communications with donors.

If you are a Masjid with regular attendees (such as for Jumuah or Taraweeh prayers), consider putting up a donation meter and have someone regularly update it to reflect recent donations. Some Masjids prefer to show their campaign donation meter on a TV screen placed in a high-traffic spot. Whether or not you have a physical space for your donation meter, you should always show it on your organization’s website. Also, take screenshots of the donation meter as the campaign progresses and post them on social media. By doing so you are keeping your donors updated and hopefully interested enough to see the campaign cross the finishing line.