Prepare your Online and Offline Premises

First impressions count a lot, especially in fundraising!

When you are actively fundraising and people are frequenting your website and social media pages more often than usual, you need to be prepared. You’ve done the hard part of convincing them to click on your marketing material and visit your website. Now, how will you receive them?

At a basic minimum, make sure your website has a:

  • Homepage that reflects your campaign theme
  • Donate button (should be very clear) that directs to your Donation Page
  • Donation page with a clear call to action
  • Donation meter that accurately reflects your collection to date
  • Donation form that is simple and has only the basic fields needed to process a transaction

You should also update the headers of your social media pages to reflect your campaign theme. They should clearly display the link to your website where donations can be made.

As far as your offline premises, which would primarily be your Masjid (or musallah), transform it into an optimal state for influencing potential donors to donate. You can do that by:

  • Putting up posters about the campaign
  • Setting up TV monitors that show the campaign progress
  • Designating donation stations all around (don’t forget the women’s area)