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“The similitude of an organization applying best practices in fundraising compared with one that is just fundraising is like a student who has prepared for an exam compared with one who just wings it.” – Hossam Amin

You may have come to the realization that raising large amounts of funds within a time-sensitive period to complete a Masjid and Islamic Centre project is no walk in the park. Yes, it’s great to have the Muslim community as your target audience; after all, it is known to be a very generous community. But when you have to raise millions of dollars with little or no government support, you need to be strategic and think outside of the box.

As a matter of fact, your Masjid organization is privileged by being a member of the non-profit sector!

While this may not come as a surprise to you, you may be encouraged to know that there are numerous other non-profit organizations that have successfully raised large amounts of funds and did that by following established fundraising techniques. These techniques apply to all kinds of target audiences regardless of their background or beliefs.

So, why not have our Masjids and Islamic Centres apply these fundraising techniques?

Indeed, your Masjid can apply fundraising best practices to build a solid donor base by which you can maintain steady growth. Established techniques, such as storytelling and donor stewardship, will help you, insha’a Allah, meet the demands of your growing local community and build your reputation as a professionally run non-profit organization.

Hossam Amin

About ANFIQ's Founder

Hossam Amin has been involved in fundraising for Islamic institutions since 2007. He has overseen many multi-million dollar projects, witnessing the key elements that made them succeed in achieving their financial goals. He has developed a rare expertise in the area of fundraising for Masjids, Islamic Centres, and Islamic Schools, and is now dedicated to helping organizations apply the best practices in fundraising to reach their financial targets in the quickest possible timeframe. Hossam is based in Ottawa, Canada and is available to work with organizations all over the world.

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