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"Ask and you Shall be Given"

This is the statement that sums up fundraising for a Masjid

But, what is its formula?

This Masjid has found 
Email Marketing 
Maintaining donor database 
very rewarding in Ramadan
Using Email Marketing effectively
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Assalamu Alaikum!

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My name is Hossam Amin and I created ANFIQ to help Masjid Organizations and Islamic Institutions apply the best fundraising techniques, as acquired from the Islamic tradition AND as established in the mainstream non-profit sector, to achieve their fundraising goals. If you are a board member or an active volunteer of a Masjid organization, you have come to the right place!

Planning a fundraising campaign soon? Scratching your head thinking of novel ways to widen your donor base? Consider forming an ambassador team and add a pleasantly variable dimension to your fundraising campaign!

Deadline to register​

Tuesday, 15th of February 2022

Tuesday, 15th of February 2022 Tuesday, 15th of February 2022

Guidelines for selecting the Fundraising Campaign Lead:
Of course the Fundraising Campaign Lead can have support from other members of the organization. Even a team can be formed, but there should be a designated team lead who will assume responsibility for fulfilling the requirements and meeting the deadlines of the Masjid Fundraising Master Program.