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The Four Key Ingredients to

Your Masjid's Fundraising Success

Provide Services

Institutionalize Multi-Ethnicity

Before doing any Fundraising

Showcase The Great Work You Do Through Storytelling

While Fundraising

Provide Donor Stewardship

After Fundraising

Ask and you Shall Insha'a Allah Be Given!

You May Ask:

How do I get people to feel an ownsership and responsibility toward their local Masjid?

In addition to offering daily prayers, provide services that encompass the social and spiritual needs of your locality, particularly the youth. Moreover, make sure your board of directors represent the multi-ethnicity of your congregation.

How can I expand my donor base outside my immediate locality?

Show the great work you do through storytelling and use social media to reach beyond your locality.

How can I achieve transparency and trust?

Provide regular donor stewardship and always keep donors updated with the progress of your project.

Ask and you shall be given

Providing Services to the Community

Provide Services

A Masjid is more than just a place to pray. In addition to offering daily prayers, a Masjid should provide services that the local community needs. These services should encompass their social and spiritual needs, with special attention given to the youth.

Showcase the Great Work you Do Through Storytelling

Storytelling is the main technique used to trigger an emotional response from a target audience to solicit donations. Have you ever thought about the personal stories of the various people benefiting from a Masjid? Whether they are regular musallees, or reverts who took their shahadah at the Masjid, they all have a unique story that links them to the Masjid.

Provide Donor Stewardship

Once someone makes a donation to your Masjid, what happens next? Do you thank them? Do you communicate to them regularly providing updates on the Masjid project? Have you ever looked at your donor database to determine how many of your donors are repeat donors?