It is typical that fundraisers start asking for donations at a large amount and then decrease this amount gradually.

But, where does one start and when does one move to the next amount? Is there any homework to be done prior to a fundraiser?

Take Home Lessons

  • Firstly, ask the organizers what the target amount is. Then ask them if you know of people who are able to, for example, donate $50K or $100K. Then plan accordingly. It is important to know the crowd you are addressing while fundraising.
  • Divide the target amount into smaller amounts and strategize. How many donors do you think you need at every giving level.
  • Start with a number, example $50K. If you sense that people are not really responding, then divide that amount by 2 and invite two families to join hands to donate that amount. Also, keep in mind that some people don’t like to give openly.
  • Never underestimate any amount. As you go down the giving levels, you can expect more people to give. Even at $100, you may have 100s of people donating that amount, which is a significant amount. So, make sure to give lower amounts enough time and motivation.
  • Remember to thank donors and make sincere dua’a for them at every giving level.