While fundraising, does asking and asking over and over again pay off? Some people argue that people get turned off by an imam constantly asking for donations, but if people still end up giving, then isn’t it worth it?

The simple rule is, if you don’t ask, you won’t get anything. But how should you apply it?

Take Home Lessons

  • It’s simple: If you don’t ask, you won’t get. If you don’t explicitly ask, you won’t get donations or you’ll get very little donations.
  • Explain and show people how their donations are being spent. Show them how beneficial and important the services you are providing are.
  • There is always a group of people who will be complaining, so that is expected.
  • Make a timely ask of donations, but don’t over do it (e.g. once a month, as opposed to once every week).
  • Know that there are people who donate every time you ask for donations. And if you ask them, they would tell you that they wouldn’t have donated had you not asked.
  • When people see the progress of your Masjid project (construction is underway), they are usually more willing to give.