As an imam or board member, it could be a very tense period right after a Jumuah prayer when you want to raise funds while people are quickly leaving the Masjid heading back to their workplaces.

What strategy can you use to maximize your gains during this short period of time?

Take Home Lessons

  • The Jumuah khutbah should nicely lead into the fundraiser planned for after the prayer. It should prepare people emotionally, by softening their hearts ahead of the fundraising.
  • Remind people to stay behind after the prayer for a few minutes.
  • There is no time for multiple speakers after the prayer. Only one speaker should talk.
  • Start with a moderate number (e.g. $1000) and then work your way down. Don’t get stuck at large amounts. Make sure you leave time for the smaller amounts. Don’t let anyone leave without giving them the opportunity to donate.
  • Make sure to mention that pledged amounts can be divided into smaller monthly installments.
  • Volunteers should be ready to provide pledge forms and pen to people who raise their hands during the mini-fundraiser.
  • Volunteers should be placed at exits with donation boxes and debit/credit machines at both the brothers’ and sisters’ sections of the Masjid.