Unlock Donations With a Sunnah Hassanah Meter

Take your fundraising efforts to the next level!

Make use of the CROWDFUNDING EFFECT to reach your fundraising goals faster

Encouraged to Donate

When people see others donating, they are indirectly encouraged to donate so that they don't miss out


When people see an accurate reflection of your online and offline donations, they are more reassured

Sense of Urgency

When people see that your campaign is almost ending and you're nearing your goal, you can expect wonders

Ramadan is only days away


Ramadhan is here!

Equip your website with a donation meter that converts!

Exploit the Crowdfunding Effect

We all know that giving is contagious ...

When some people see a fundraising campaign gaining grounds and going in the right direction, they are naturally inclined to take part and not miss out.

So why not take that to your advantage!

Remove Donor Fears

Communicate easily with visual representation of progress.


Provide transparency.


Display real-time reflection of collection.

Conquer Donor Doubts

First, you have to make the ask.


Then, you have to keep the donor motivated until they make the donation.


And did we forget shaytan who is playing with the donor's nafs 24x7 -- instilling doubts, causing to procrastinate?


And what about the distractions of this worldly life?

Get the Sunnah Hassanah Donation Meter

Created by Fundraisers Who
Care About Other Fundraisers

No Fees Deducted

We do not deduct any processing fees, period!

Donor Roll

List of recent donors visible on your website next to the donation meter

Donation Statistics

Display highest donations and those above a certain value to entice healthy competition

Easy on the eye

Thoughtfully designed meter to be astheatically pleasing

Choice of Payment Options

Give donors the choice of how they want to pay -- one-time, daily, monthly

Embedded in Website

Embed in your website using an iframe or as an add-on to the GiveWP Wordpress plugin

Two Designs

Progress Bar

Designed for year-round fundraising campaigns.

Semi-circular donation meter


Optimized for time-limited campaigns, like Ramadhan and year-end.

What fundraisers say

We highly recommend the Anfiq platform and Mr. Hossam Amin for any online fundraising campaign. They were professional and available to help and assist us during our Ramadan campaign. We were 100% satisfied and will definitely consider their services again in the future.

Check out these real-life screenshots of
a previous Ramadan campaign for a Masjid in Canada

Sunnah Hassanah Meter has processed over $4 Million of online donations for masjids in Canada

Two Price Categories

For organizations that process less than $20,000 annually in online donations

Regular US $199US $

US $49 . 00


Regular CAD $269
CAD $69

    For organizations that process more than $20,000 annually in online donations

    Regular US $399US $

    US $79 . 00


    Regular CAD $499
    CAD $99
      • Recurring donations
      • Break Large Donations into Installments
      • No Fees Deducted
      • One-line code (iframe) to embed in website
      • Works on any website
        (doesn't have to be Wordpress)
      • Uses PayPal for payment processing
      • Comes in Semi-Circular and Progress Bar Designs
      • Ramadan Bonus: “How to Prepare for a Ramadan Fundraising Campaign”
        A guide customized for your organization $100 VALUE

      *All prices listed are for the 1st year. Plans renew annually at regular price.

      Ramadan is only days away


      Ramadhan is here!

      In your next fundraising campaign, exploit the crowdfunding effect!

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