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Raise Funds for your Masjid this Ramadan like never before!
Ramadan is the biggest fundraising season in the Islamic calendar, so make sure your Masjid makes the most of it!
Be part of a group of Masjid organizations working together to exceed their Ramadan fundraising goals!

Masjid Fundraising Master Program – Ramadan Edition Ramadan Edition Ramadan Edition


Live Coaching Sessions

We'll be having regular live sessions to ensure you are on top of your Ramadan fundraising planning and execution


Storytelling is one of the best ways of attracting new donors; we'll help you develop stories that showcase the great work your Masjid does

Videos and Graphics

As part of the Master Program, we'll help you develop AND produce videos and graphics that put your stories to life

Defining your Campaign

What dollar amount do you set as your Ramadan target and what do you name your Masjid's campaign are two of the things we'll be tackling, insha'a Allah

Communications Guide

We'll delve into some of the best ways and methods of reaching out to your community, both online and offline

Campaign Strategizing

Did you know that there are fundraising strategies that are only suitable in Ramadan, and specifically in the last 10 days? We'll show you the way!

Apply practices that help build a stronger donor base

We believe donor loyalty had a lot to do with this incredible outcome during a previous Ramadan

Who can Register

A Masjid Organization that:
Designated Fundraising Campaign Lead:
Each registered Masjid organization is expected to designate a Fundraising Campaign Lead from its community. This person will be responsible for ensuring their Masjid organization follows the Masjid Fundraising Master Program from beginning to end and that any expected deliverables are made.

Guidelines for selecting the Fundraising Campaign Lead

Has been around the organization long enough to know the organization’s community……

Ready to Start

$250 upon registering and $1250 $750 after Ramadan.

Our Promise to You

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your Ramadan fundraising campaign, your Masjid organization will not have to pay the remaining balance.


Target Amount $250,000

Total Amount Collected $199,815
48 Hours of Power! $5,300

Campaign Ends in 11 days

Includes ANFIQ's Fancy Donation Meter, compatible with PayPal and Stripe

Deadline to register (extended)

Tuesday, 15th of February 2022

Program Director

Hossam Amin

Hossam Amin has been involved in fundraising for Islamic institutions since 2007. He has overseen
many multi-million dollar projects, witnessing the key elements that made them succeed in achieving
their financial goals. He has developed a rare expertise in the area of fundraising for Masjids, Islamic
Centres, and Islamic Schools, and is now dedicated to helping organizations apply the best practices in
fundraising to reach their financial targets in the quickest possible timeframe.

What some have said about working with Hossam

Guidelines for selecting the Fundraising Campaign Lead:
Of course the Fundraising Campaign Lead can have support from other members of the organization. Even a team can be formed, but there should be a designated team lead who will assume responsibility for fulfilling the requirements and meeting the deadlines of the Masjid Fundraising Master Program.

Deadline to register​

Tuesday, 15th of February 2022

Tuesday, 15th of February 2022 Tuesday, 15th of February 2022